Breathable Narrow Fabric (for borders)


The breathable tapes for mattress borders are a family of advanced products and are made of the 2D and perforated tape.


The 2D breathable tape is available in widths up to 240 mm. It can be made in thousands of different combinations of colours, designs patterns and it can be printed upon as well.

The use of this product as a tape edge and as a breathable insert at the same time, gives rise to a technically and aesthetically advanced mattress border.

The reasonable cost benefit and the packaging suitable for industrial production (rolls up to 2-300 m), make it one of the most interesting products in the market.


The perforated tape was initially conceived as an inner reinforcement and cover for breathable insert of 2D tape, or for standard 3D material cut in strips; but also used alone as an insert or as an entire border, it may well be considered a very good option for border breathability on smarter and thriftier borders, It’s available in widths up to 240 mm.